Native Seed Co. Affiliate Program

What is the Affiliate Program?

The Affiliate Program is an income generation system whereby you can earn money anywhere/anytime by promoting our various products through your Affiliate Link.

Earn 25% commission off every sale made through your unique Affiliate link.

Once a customer completes an order through your Affiliate Link, they will be your customer for life which means you will get credited for every order they place on our website as long as they shop with Native Seed Co. by visiting

What is the Commission Structure?

As an affiliate, you will earn 25% lifetime commission for every completed order through your Affiliate Link. Once the initial order has been completed, paid for and successfully linked to you, this customer will be your referral, in your account, forever.

Affiliate Link

You will be provided an Affiliate Link in your Affiliate Area.

Promote the Affiliate Link by sharing it on your website, through e-Mail or by text with your customers.

What if a Customer goes to my Affiliate Link and clicks on another Affiliates link?

We have a very generous cookie policy on affiliate links. If a customer clicks on your Affiliate Link, the cookies will be stored to their browser for 365 days. If the customer clicks on a different link within 365 days on the same browser, they will not change to the other affiliate until the 365 days is up. Once the 365 days are up, the cookie renews and it is up to the customer to choose a link to register their account through.  The last clicked link will then win the referral.

How much do I have to invest?

You do not have to purchase or resell anything. You do not have to spend any money to purchase our products. You do not have to fulfil any orders as we have a dedicated shipping department for that. All you have to do is promote our products through your Affiliate Link and once the customer completes a purchase, they will be your customer for life.

When and how do I receive my commission?

We pay out commissions on the 15th of every month for the previous month’s activity. We use PayPal to ensure safety and security. Please create a PayPal account for the fastest payment method. If you do not have a PayPal account, please set one up by clicking here.

Where do I see my commission and payments?

Upon being approved for the Affiliate Program, you will receive a notification from a Native Seed Co. representative by e-Mail.

Once your account has been approved, you are good to go!  You will have access to the Affiliate Area section for information such as Affiliate Links, Pending Payments, Visitors, Sub Affiliates, and more as our program develops.

What if I don’t receive my commission?

Please contact Native Seed Co. if you do not receive a payment. Contact us directly at