Wholesale Reseller Program – Terms of Use

What is the Wholesale Reseller Program?

The Wholesale Reseller Program is set up for brick-and-mortar business owners who wish to further serve their customers by adding our products to their product offerings.

Wholesale discounts are offered on all Native Seed Co.’s seeds in any quantity (min. order amount applies.)

As the business owner of the reseller account, you may purchase at the wholesale discount rate any number of times and are not limited to the quantities you may purchase.

Who is eligible to apply to be a wholesaler?

Individuals and Business Owners
Some people work without a website and that’s okay by us.  If an individual can demonstrate that products are for a client base and not necessarily for personal use, then we will grant the wholesale account.  Individuals who are looking to abuse the program and purchase at a discount – just for themselves for example – will have their account shut down with no opportunity to regain wholesale reseller status.

Business Owners applying for a wholesale reseller account should supply their store or business website upon application submission for quicker approval.

Note that we reserve the right to refuse accounts without explanation if we feel that you and/or your business is not a good fit for us (see our Policy Page.)

Wholesale Purchasing/Orders

Once your wholesale reseller account is approved, you will be provided wholesale reseller account access and will be able to immediately shop wholesale when you log in – there is no need for special discount codes or coupons.

EACH individual order placed MUST total $500 BEFORE taxes are calculated.  Payment is made by e-transfer ONLY as we do not take PayPal or credit card payments.

Wholesale orders do not qualify for free shipping.

Can a business be a wholesaler AND an affiliate?

Yes.  If you wish to have us do the fulfilment of your orders, you will only receive a 25% commission on sales we process.  Let us know that you wish to be both a wholesaler and an affiliate and we can set that up for you.  Affiliates are able to use their affiliate link for their personal purchases and to find out more about our Affiliate Program, please click here.

How much do I have to purchase with each order?

Because of the unique situation the economy is in right now, we’ve lowered our minimum purchase requirement from $1,000 to $500 per order.  We’re not sure how long wholesale minimums will be this low, but if you sign up now and we raise our minimums, pre-existing wholesale accounts will remain at $500 per order required.

How do I pay for my order?

We accept e-transfer only for orders that we have to ship. We do not offer payment by credit, PayPal nor do we offer credit terms.  IF you have an arrangement to pick up your order from our small warehouse – which isn’t open to the public – then we will accept cash upon pickup.  In order for you to pay cash on pickup, please send an e-Mail to nativeseedcanada@gmail.com and ask to have your account be a cash account.

How do I know if I’m approved as a Wholesale Reseller?

Upon being approved for the Wholesale Reseller Program, you will receive a notification from a Native Seed Co. representative by e-Mail saying that your account has been created and you can now shop online.

What if I don’t hear back from you after I submitted my application?

Please send us an e-Mail and we’ll manually set up an account for you. Contact us directly at nativeseedcanada@gmail.com

I’m in!  How do I apply?

Please click here to download the Wholesale Application Form.  Fill it out, scan it (or take a picture with your phone) and e-Mail it back to nativeseedco@gmail.com

You can also click the image below to open up the application form.